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Over 500 Stocks Analysed

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In business, those armed with the best information make the best decisions. GoldSilverData offers a lot of very valuable data for $0.25 a day. - Bob Moriarty (321 Gold)
I joined it for $99 a year and it is really a neat site as it let's you then plug in numbers to calculated values in the future (POG, reserves, grade etc etc) They have data on over 500 junior mining companies and give recommendations... Maybe the best $99 a venture investor can spend.
Goldsilverdata is designed for the investor seeking big returns, not the 5-6% returns of larger established companies. If life-changing, transformational returns are what you'er after, you've come to the right place. - JB
The tools on save incredible amounts of work and allow to easily select among the best mining stocks for investment. - Jonathan Garneau is plain and simple - "Just the facts Ma'am" website. no fluff/no ads that distract. Just everything you need to make informed decision on investing - all companies have a personalized description by Don Durrett- and if you want to number crunch, there are values for that too. - Keith Espiritu
Goldsilverdata is the perfect tool for the do-it-yourself PM investor, not content to simply accept stock recommendations from newsletters, articles, etc. without actually seeing the data. Goldsilverdata provides all the information you need to make investments with confidence. - JB
Gold stock investors understand that the highest returns come from the smaller up and coming explorers and producers, but finding in-depth analysis of these smaller companies is difficult. Goldsilverdata is a godsend. - JB
Most financial newspapers and investor magazines do not get any further than the classic major mining companies (and even on the majors you often get only poor information). I finally found what I was looking for on - Koen Brusselmans
For more than 500 miners Don Durrett provides excellent overviews focusing on the actual situation of the company: stock chart, links to various financial websites, financial situation, gold/silver reserves, amount of production (or planned production date), mining costs. - Koen Brusselmans
The level of analysis and information you provide is astounding and without parallel compared to any other Gold/Silver stock service. Thank you for the service you provide - it is incredible value for the subscription cost. - Jack Darcy
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Mining Stocks - Latest News

Apr 18
Added - Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp. more
Apr 18
Updated - Robex Resources Inc. more

Gold & Silver Stocks: Search, Compare, Manage

With over 3000 gold and silver mining stocks, finding the jewels is very difficult. Don Durrett, author of "How to Invest in Gold and Silver" has whittled this list down to 525 precious metal mining stocks that are worth a closer look.

We offer powerful search and comparison tools to help you short-list and analyze the very best precious metal stocks for your risk profile.

Prices constantly change; keeping on top of your chosen gold and silver mining stocks is very time-consuming. Our comparison and portfolio tools are designed to make this easy.

Stock prices, spot rates and FX rates are updated regularly and factored into every calculation. You even get your own personal wiki to store your thoughts about each mining company!

Valuation Calculations

  • Valuation metrics calculated for you.
  • Regularly updated stock, FX and metal prices.
  • Prices and currencies factored in.
  • Plug-in your own values.

525 Company Profiles!

  • Analysis, Ratings and Notes.
  • Many Valuation Metrics.
  • Current Stock Prices.
  • Useful Info and Links.

Search Engine

  • Build simple & complex searches.
  • Incredible amounts of data.
  • Save your searches.
  • Use our preset searches.

Search Results

  • Sort by any field.
  • Direct useful links.
  • Myriad data-points.
  • View or hide columns.

Portfolio Management

  • Unlimited portfolios.
  • Multiple currency support.
  • Profit-tracking options.


How to invest in Gold and Silver.
A complete guide from an
investor's viewpoint.

Available now on


  • Mining 101 guide to analysis.
  • Your own private wiki.
  • Monthly Newsletters.
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